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Will Gourmet Make a Comeback?

A Women’s Wear Daily item indicates that Carol Smith has jumped from Elle to Condé Nast, where she’ll be the president and publishing director of Bon Appétit and the Gourmet brand. Wait a minute, the Gourmet brand? Is there still a Gourmet brand? Indeed, it seems Smith may revive it.

Regarding her plans for Bon Appetit and Gourmet, Smith said she hopes to breathe life back into Gourmet — which was shuttered last October to much outcry — perhaps creating a “custom magazine,” whereby an advertiser such as Kraft or Target would produce a newsstand Gourmet magazine and own every ad. Other ideas include working with retailers on Gourmet-branded items, as well as television projects and events for both titles. Then, Smith indicated, there is the potential of the Web — Bon Appetit and Gourmet form Epicurious.com, which is part of Condé Nast Digital.

So there you have it: Gourmet brought to you by Target.

Condé Nast Lures Carol Smith [WWD via The Cut]

Will Gourmet Make a Comeback?