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Why Is Cookie Dough Treyf?

For observant Jews, Passover comes with dietary restrictions aplenty beyond the general kosher dictates: anything tilled in the same soil as wheat, like corn and anything made with corn syrup is strictly forbidden (hence Passover Coke) . One writer, however, would like to make an exception: “Cookie dough should be kosher for Passover” declares Marc Tracy in the Jewish webmag Tablet.

“It is the very definition of what ought to be kosher for Passover,” writes Tracy. “Would-be bread that specifically hasn’t been baked. It is the precise sort of thing you would grab for a nosh if you didn’t have enough time to prepare properly—because, maybe, oh, I dunno, you were fleeing Pharoah! Eating cookie dough on Passover? It shouldn’t just be countenanced—it should be encouraged! We should be slathering it onto the afikomen for dessert!”

Tablet’s commenters seem less than enthralled with this particular exegesis. One writes: “Why would you write a whole column just to tell people you don’t keep Pesach? Has Tablet become a forum for those who don’t follow Halacha to cenfess their transgressions??? I am really shocked that the editors would print such an article.”

It Oughta Be Kosher! [The Scroll/Tablet]

Why Is Cookie Dough Treyf?