What to Eat at The Whiskey Priest, Now Serving Upscale Irish Fare on the Harbor

The Whiskey Priest, the new gastropub from the folks behind the Atlantic Beer Garden is now open in the former home of the Seaport Bar & Grille. The concept here is, essentially, Boston’s fanciest Irish pub, and the menu, below, contains delicacies like crubins (braised, battered, and fried pig’s trotters), lamb and sweet potato stew, and whiskey-glazed cheese-stuffed ham balls. Scandalously for a harbor restaurant, they’re also serving Manhattan clam chowder. As the name implies, there’s also an ample selection of whiskies — over a hundred pours of the strong stuff. Curious? They’re open tonight until 2 a.m.

CRAB CAKES & BOXTY….10 Maryland jumbo lump crab cakes presented on boxty
(Irish potato pancakes) garnished with crème fraiche, minced scallions and capers.
CHEDDAR & WHISKEY FONDUE ….9 Creamy sharp cheddar fondue, skewered sausages, brown scones and fresh vegetables for dipping.
BLACK & TAN FRIED CALAMARI ….10 Calamari rings lightly breaded accompanied by Kalamata olive aioli and tangy cocktail sauce.
BEER BATTERED LAMB SKEWERS.9 Marinated grilled skewered leg of lamb, dipped in beer batter and served on drunken leeks.
LIMERICK WINGS….9 Plain, Buffalo or Barbeque. Your choice of ranch dressing or bleu cheese.
IRISH NACHOS….10 Corn tortilla chips topped with cheese, green onions, bangers, Irish bacon, sour cream & tomatoes. Add: Steak, chicken or chili…2
FRIED OYSTERS….11 Plump Blue point select Oysters, dredged in scone crumbs, flash fried and rested on haystack potatoes with a roasted chili mint sauce.
V TOMATO & MOZZARELLA SALAD….8 Vine ripened heirloom tomatoes, with fresh mozzarella cheese and fresh basil, drizzled with virgin olive oil and old balsamic.
CRUBINS ….10 Trotters braised with aromatic herbs, breaded & fried, accompanied by our horseradish dipping sauce.
COUNTY CORK CHICKEN TENDERS ..9 Fresh breast of chicken marinated in Murphy’s Irish stout, garlic served with our minted scallion sauce for dipping.
WHISKEY GLAZED HAM BALLS..9 Dry cured ham with Dubliner cheese lightly breaded, served with braised red cabbage and a rasher of bacon.
MUSSELS IN GUINNESS BROTH.10 Mussels accompanied with tomatoes, green onions and garlic, deglazed with Guinness, complimented with grilled croutons.
GAELIC SLIDERS….10 Three mini burgers, straw onions, Irish cheddar cheese & Russian dressing on potato rolls.
IRISH FRIES….7 Crispy French fries topped with bacon, sausage and green onions, complemented with white cheddar & Boursin cheese.
TOASTED SPECIAL….8 Bite size sandwiches of ham, onion, tomato & Irish cheddar, toasted to perfection.

TOMATO BROTH CLAM CHOWDER..3.50/5 Manhattan style, with summer time fresh tomatoes and herbs.
MURPHY’S CHILI….3.50/5 Shredded beef & lamb, onions, ancho chili, red beans and Irish cheddar cheese.
V Vegetarian Choice

CAESAR SALAD….7 Classic Caesar salad with the traditional garnishes.
BABY GEM CHICKEN CAESAR….9 Crisp hearts of romaine, in our Caesar dressing. presented in an Asiago cheese shell. Substitute Steak..4 or Calamari..3
IRISH COBB….10 Marinated grilled chicken tossed with field greens, Irish bacon, leeks tomatoes, avocado and boiled egg topped with crispy haystack potatoes.
O’ HARAS ALE CELTIC GRILLED BEEF .14 Spicy skirt steak basted with O’Hara’s Ale and rested on a bed of fresh spinach with marinated grilled portobello’s and crispy fried onion straws.

( All Sandwiches & Burgers are served with Fries, Chips or Slaw )
BLARNEY BURGER….11 Grilled fresh Angus beef on an organic sesame kaiser roll, glazed with Dubliner cheese, Irish bacon and roasted garlic mayonnaise.
BANGER BURGER….10 Sautéed bangers and grilled portobello strips, complimented with Irish bacon and open eye Swiss cheese.
THE FIGHTING IRISH BURGER….10 Grilled fresh Angus beef on an organic sesame Kaiser roll, topped with corned beef & Swiss complimented with Russian dressing.
DUSTED IRISH TURKEY BURGER….10 Fresh ground turkey, topped with Irish cheddar and served on grilled marble rye with cranberry aioli.
V VEGGIE BURGER ….9 Black Bean Chipotle, Tomato Basil or Traditional
Garden Burger.
ST. PATRICK’S BURGER….11 Angus beef stuffed with jalepeños and Dubliner cheese, topped with barbeque sauce, Irish bacon & red chili onion straws.

( All Sandwiches & Burgers are served with Fries, Chips or Slaw )
KILLARNEY GRILLED CHICKEN….10 Guinness marinated chicken breast grilled and topped with Dubliner cheese crispy applewood smoked bacon, vine ripened tomatoes & Irish mustard aioli.
STOUT REUBEN….10 Corned beef or turkey topped with sauerkraut, Irish Swiss cheese & Russian dressing. Served on grilled marble rye bread.
IRISH DIP….10 Thinly sliced roasted lamb and Irish Swiss cheese. Served on a toasted baguette with rosemary au jus.
THE ROYAL PORTOBELLO….9 Marinated grilled portobello mushrooms, roasted red peppers and fresh mozzarella, micro greens and kalamata olive aioli.
BEER BATTERED COD….10 Beer battered wild Atlantic cod, served on shredded lettuce with our house made tarter sauce, fresh lemon on a garlic toasted onion roll.
PACKIE BONNER….9 Vintage Irish cheddar, heirloom tomatoes, English cucumbers, micro greens and avocado on whole grain wheat bread. Add turkey….2
V Vegetarian Choice

IRISH STEW….12 Lamb shanks braised over night in burgundy, mirepoix vegetables and aromatic herbs.
BRAISED LAMB SHANKS & CHAMP….14 Slowly braised Lamb shanks drizzled with sour cream and capers, complimented with creamy smashed potatoes with a pool of melted whole butter.
TURKEY LEEK PIE….12 Seared fresh turkey and caramelized shallots, deglazed with white port and fresh thyme. Simmered with mirpoix vegetables and bay leaves, presented on our flaky pie crust.
SHEPHERDS PIE….13 Spicy ground beef and lamb with cottage gravy topped with country smashed potatoes.
TRADITIONAL IRISH MIXED GRILL..16 Bangers and Irish bacon, roasted skewers of lamb, black & white pudding, fried egg, tomato and Irish baked beans.
SWEET POTATO LAMB STEW….13 Spicy lamb sausage simmered with sweet potatoes, broccoli, leeks and white beans.
BANGERS & MASH….12. Spicy Hicks sausage served with crispy onions, smashed new potatoes and braised cabbage.

BAKED SALMON & COCKLES….14 Fresh Atlantic salmon accompanied by fresh-snipped dill and whole butter.
FISH & CHIPS….13 Beer battered fresh Atlantic cod, with French fries, fresh lemon, mint peas & tartar sauce.
OYSTER & WILD MUSHROOM STEW..16 Plump Blue Point select oysters, vine ripened tomatoes, mushrooms, baked in a flaky puff pastry.
BAKED COD IN BUTTER CRACKERS..15 Fresh Boston cod baked and topped with butter crackers. Served with fresh lemon & tartar sauce.

WHISKEY PECAN PIE….5 Deep dish pecan pie smothered in whiskey sauce..
STICKY TOFFEE PUDDING….6 A large serving of traditional toffee pudding.
BAILEYS CHEESECAKE….6 Coffe mocha cheesecake with a shot of Baileys Irish cream.

V Vegetarian Choice

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What to Eat at The Whiskey Priest, Now Serving Upscale Irish Fare on the Harbor