What to Eat at Teranga’s New Brunch

South End Senegalese staple Teranga launches brunch on May 9, and we’ve got your first look at the menu. The menu, below, is divided into sweet and savory plates: think crepes filled with Nutella and fresh fruit for the former and stir-fried black eyed peas with onions and tomatoes for the latter, with beignets appearing in both categories. Prices are astoundingly good, topping out at a whopping eight bucks. Brunch will be served from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on weekends.

Salade de fruits exotiques $6
Fresh seasonal exotic fruits selection
Laakh (Senegalese version oatmeal) $4
Warm millet porridge served with Vanilla and orange water flavored cream
Pain Perdu (known as Mbourou Fass) $6
Baguette French toast served with vanilla bean and ginger crème anglaise
Beignets Dougoup $6
Millet flour donut mixed with vanilla bean and orange flower water served with crème anglaise sauce, topped with fresh fruits.
Crêpe Nature au sucre $4
French crêpe served plain with Vanilla bean flavored powdered sugar
Crêpe au Nutella $6
French crêpe served with Nutella
Crêpe fourrée de fruits $8
French crêpe stuffed with fresh fruits and served with a strawberry coulis

Beignets de Plantains $5
Seasoned savory plantains beignets
Scrambled eggs au fromage $5
Scrambled eggs with grated cheese
Omelette sur le plat $5
Sunny side omelette
Croque Monsieur $8
Grilled hot ham & cheese sandwich
Crêpe fourrée $8
French crêpe stuffed with stir fried chicken breast and vegetables
Crêpe fourrée au Jambon $8
Hot ham & cheese crêpe with egg
Sauce Niébé $5
Seasoned stir fried black eye peas with onions and plum tomatoes
Plantain Bouilli $5
Steamed plantain served with onion tomato sauce
Steamed Yucca $5
Steamed Yucca served with cilantro infused olive oil
Pomme de Terre dorées $4
Pan fried potatoes mixed with herbs (our home fries version)
What to Eat at Teranga’s New Brunch