What to Eat at Chilapan, Now Open in Bucktown

Nothing a little purple paint can't cover up.
Nothing a little purple paint can’t cover up. Photo: Nick Kindelsperger

When Tamalli closed a few months ago, we prepared ourselves for another questionable Mexican joint to take its place — the kind that serves up tired tacos and chalice-sized margaritas. Instead, it’s been replaced with a restaurant that has blessedly few tacos on the menu. Chilapan opened last week for lunch and dinner, and we stopped by for a quick look at the menu. While we are saddened by the loss of all those banana-leaf-wrapped tamales that, um, Tamalli did so well, this is helping.

Guacamole and chips $7.00

Quesadillas $5.50
Homemade tortillas one filled with stewed chicken and one filled with poblano strips topped with a three chile salsa.

Tortas de Cangrejos $7.00
Crab cakes served on top of fresh tomatillo jalapeño salsa and topped with crispy leeks.

Ceviche de camaron y mojarra $7.00
Seared shrimp and tilapia, with red cabbage, and a green vinaigrette citrus juice.

Empanada Potosina $5.50
Guajillo corn masa turnover filled with Queso Panela chihuahua cheese and epazote. Served over arbol tomatillo salsa topped with sour cream.

Soup & Salad
Sopa de tortilla $5.50
Pasilla peppers, crisped pasilla slices with queso fresco with tortilla strips.

Ensalada Betavel y Tomate $6.50
Beets, tomato, chayote lettuce w/ guajillo sherry vinaigrette cabra al vino cheese and toasted almonds.

Rollito de espinaca $16.75
Grilled skirt steak stuffed with spinach, Chihuahua cheese, and arbol tomato salsa.

Budin Azteca $14.00
Layered shredded chicken, tortillas and chihuahua cheese over poblano cream salsa.

Budin Vegetariano $14.00
Layered tomatoes, zucchini, portobello mushrooms, tortilla, eggplant, chihuahua cheese over guajillo tomato sofrito.

Molcajete $18.00
Grilled chicken, steak or shrimp, w/ cactus, Chihuahua cheese, scallions, and arbol tomatillo salsa.

Camarones enchipotlados $16.25
Seared Atlantic shrimp roasted tomato chipotle cream salsa served w/ white rice.

Mojarra en Ajo y Escabeche $16.00
Seared tilapia fillet over green rice, escabeche veggies and drizzled with guajillo garlic salsa.

Poc Chuck $15.00
Scalloped pork tenderloin marinated in achiote salsa and orange juice. Served on top of chiltomate salsa and wilted spinach and cilantro potatoes.

Pechuga Poblana $15.00
Chicken breast filled with spinach and chihuahua cheese. Served on top of a poblano cream salsa and white rice.

Taquisa Trio $12.00
Three tacos with choice of steak or chicken breast with onion, cilantro, and queso fresco toppings and a three chile salsa. Served with arroz verde and black beans.

Enchiladas $12.00
Chicken breast, stewed chicken, steak, veggies or Chihuahua cheese, choice of tomatillo salsa Ranchera salsa or mole rojo. Served with arroz and black beans.

Filete con hongos $16.99
Grilled beef tenderloin served with a wild mushroom cream salsa and scallop potatoes.

Pastel de Chocolate $5.50
Semi-sweet chocolate cake, stuffed with requeson, caramel chocolate sauce, and vanilla ice cream.

Flan de Caramelo $5.50
Caramel custard with an egg nog salsa and served with vanilla ice cream.

Side Dishes - $2.50
Black refined beans
Wilted Spinach
Arroz Verde
Arroz Blanco
Papas Picantes
Chips and salsa

Chilapan, 2459 W Armitage Ave., 773-697-4597

What to Eat at Chilapan, Now Open in Bucktown