We Have a Winner for a Week of Seed Burgers!

Hit the road, too-much-ketchup!
Hit the road, too-much-ketchup! Photo: Consumerist via Flickr

Who is the lucky Grub Street reader that will feast with a friend on chef Eric Lechasseur’s macrobiotic burgers at Venice’s Seed for a week? We asked you which environmental faux pas gets you most upset when eating out and our Grub Street editors voted one as their favorite. Who do the burgers go to?

Reader Eben Davidson is the winner of fourteen Seed burgers. What bugs Eben’s greener side while eating out? Davidson explains, “Napkins and Ketchup packets. That’s right, those little guys you throw out all the time. Every fast food joint gives you handfuls of ketchup and napkins that end up in the trash. Every morning I get a breakfast sandwich and I say “can I have one ketchup please?” but most of the time when I am in my car I see at least three in there…Really? Do I need to drown my poor little egg and english muffin sammie? I don’t think so….now don’t get me started on plastic grocery bags at the supermarket.”

Congratulations Eben, we’ll be in touch today, and thanks to everyone for their Earth Day entries!

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We Have a Winner for a Week of Seed Burgers!