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Vettel Gives Aldino’s Two Stars; The Chicago Reader Picks 14 Korean Restaurants

Vettel likes the gnudi.
Vettel likes the gnudi. Photo: courtesy of Alindo’s

Phil Vettel finds “authenticity, approachability, and affordability” at Aldino’s, a homey little spot in Little Italy. He’s most impressed by the gnudi which are “a ricotta-based kissing cousin to gnocchi. Made with swiss chard, the gnudi are bright green, with a soft, pillowy texture, supported by a zesty tomato sauce with carefully tempered acidity.” [Trib]

Last week it was fourteen restaurants in Albany Park, and this week the Chicago Reader picked fourteen Korean restaurants. The team of five writers alternate between authentic kalbi spots and odd fast food joints, stopping for the occasional ox-bone soup. [Chicago Reader]

Kevin Pang indulges in his first Filipino style breakfast at Uncle Mike’s Place. His latest Cheap Eater column explores the etiquette of eating with a knife and fork, and what actually goes into a Filipino style breakfast: “Before us are plates of longanisa, tocino and Spam, which many would consider the holy triumvirate of Filipino breakfast meats.” [Trib]

Mike Gebert unearths the Dragonlady Lounge in Avondale, which features a vegan buffet on Thursdays for $12.99. He’s most impressed by the veggie burger, which he claims is, “actually fairly inspired. She makes it out of tofu, tempeh, oatmeal, and kimchi, and while it doesn’t taste much like a burger—”veggie crab cake” might be closer—it’s spicy, hearty, and robust, topped with avocado or, sometimes, cucumber.” [Chicago Reader]

Vettel Gives Aldino’s Two Stars; The Chicago Reader Picks 14 Korean