The Glendon Hopes to Save Westwood, Due April 12th

Photo: The Glendon

So many empty retail and restaurant spaces currently litter Westwood Village that the expensive enclave is looking a little like a ghost town, albeit with nicely dressed co-eds in place of tumbleweeds. Under construction since early December, The Glendon Bar and Kitchen should be a welcome addition to the neighborhood, something the restaurant must be pretty sure of itself considering its promise on Facebook to “spark the areas night life and culinary renaissance.” So how do they plan to do that?

So far that means integrating Cali bistro cuisine with cocktails, two components that appear to be a must in every other opening these days. While mac and cheese, crab cakes, and salads are promised on the restaurant’s website, The Glendon has food photos elsewhere online that show “Marc Jacobs” penne, coffee crusted ahi with soy mushrooms, and prosciutto on asaparagus that might look better if Gary Menes made it. We’ll take that fleur de sel cheesecake, though. The restaurant currently tells us to prepare for an opening on Monday, April 12th.

1071 Glendon Ave. Westwood

The Glendon Hopes to Save Westwood, Due April 12th