The Etiquette Police Have Arrived

Disgraceful… Photo: jens-pix/Flickr

What’s with all the etiquette talk? In Time Out Chicago’s most recent issue, the magazine takes on four common complaints that they have with their fellow diners. This follows a top ten list of the “Most Annoying Habits of Restaurant Diners” by the The Stew, which was published last week. The common ground of hatred seems to be the use of cell phones during service. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking loudly, texting, or just showing off the phone by placing it on the table, both lists think of the mobile devices as evil. Some of the other issues are just as annoying, while others tread in murkier water.

The most surprising complaint from Time Out Chicago’s list was the issue of customers bringing their own coffee to brunch. Seems like a pretty black and white issue. Where else, besides BYOB places, are you allowed to bring food or drink into the restaurant? But restaurant critic Michael Nagrant chimed in on the issue via twitter, “As for outside coffee, IMO, drink what you want if there’s a huge wait.”

The coffee addict in us agrees. Waiting in line for a popular brunch place is part of the process. But morning coffee needs to be had whether or not there is table ready. So picking up a cup of coffee before you go, while seeming rude and ridiculous, just showcases how inventive us junkies can be.

As for restaurateurs, the number one complaint they have for guests is the habit of not honoring reservations. Now, that’s just inexcusable people.

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The Etiquette Police Have Arrived