TacoBar Debuts Monday in Pac Heights

Photo: Brian Smeets

The intersection of California and Fillmore is about to get a lot tastier as TacoBar opens on Monday at 2401 California, in a neighborhood that hasn’t exactly been known for its Mexican cuisine. (It’s also worth noting that this intersection is where Elizabeth Falkner is reopening Citizen Cake in the next few weeks, and where Craig Stoll is rumored to be opening a Delfina off-shoot as well.) As Tablehopper informs us, the opening date could still get pushed a few days, and as Urban Daddy tells us, the menu will be brought to you by a Nick’s Crispy Tacos alum, so it’s bound to be good.

Also, they’ll be serving tequila ice cream and “in place of Nick’s double tortilla, TacoBar is substituting the second tortilla with a tortilla-size shell of crispy cheese known as chicharron de queso.” Sold.

TacoBar Opens Monday April 12th
Tacos and Tequila Ice Cream in Pac Heights [Urban Daddy]

TacoBar Debuts Monday in Pac Heights