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The Official State of Center City Restaurants

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The Center City District, the same entity that brings you bi-annual Restaurant Weeks, has released its annual “State of Center City” report and as usual, it’s full of delicious pie charts and easy-to-digest numbers on the restaurant and retail situation in Center City. Click through for highlights on the restaurant openings, closings and outdoor dining.

From the retail section of the report:

As of August 2009, Center City, between Vine and Pine streets, had 680 food-related businesses, such as fine dining, casual restaurants, take-out establishments and cafés, representing a 4% increase over 2008 and a 29% increase over 2005. There were 70 additional premises counted in the South Street corridor, bringing the total number of restaurant and food-related businesses between Vine Street and South Street to 750 in 2009.

Ninety-two new food-related businesses opened in the 12-month period ending August 2009, an increase of 26% from the prior year; 65 food-related businesses closed in the same period, producing a net increase of 27 additional food-related businesses in Center City between Vine and Pine streets.

Among the news restaurants that opened in the 12-month period ending August 2009 were Jose Garces’ Chifa, Union Trust steakhouse, Del Frisco’s steakhouse, Max Brenner’s chocolate café, Oyster House, Stephen Starr’s Butcher & Singer and also his Square Burger shack in Franklin Square Park.

Restaurants and food establishments took up 33 percent of occupied retail space in Center City, with the breakdown as follows: 266 fine dining restaurants, 187 fast food/takeout spots, 135 groceries, 115 casual dining restaurants, 53 bakeries and 59 coffee or tea spots.

Statistics supernerds can also download the entire report or just the sections that interest you over at the Center City District’s website.

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The Official State of Center City Restaurants