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Slice Surveys the State of L.A. Pizza

Foliero's didn't make Slice's cut
Foliero’s didn’t make Slice’s cut Photo: Hadley Tomicki

The pie-eaters over at Slice take a look at pizza in L.A., amending the original area of focus from “Where to Eat Pizza in SoCal” since most of the region is ignored outside of city limits. Some natural star choices are celebrated, like Bottega Louie, Batali-Silverton joint Mozza, the lovely Cathy Moriarty, and Eagle Rock’s Casa Bianca (which also makes a Caucasian-centric cover-shoot this month in Los Angeles magazine). Elsewhere, a few surprises like the clam pie at Nicky D’s and the loud menu at Garage Pizza have us taking notes on which pies to dive into next. But what would we scratch from Slice’s list and who would we add?

Degree or no degree, the Neopolitan pizza at Antica just doesn’t do it for us and imported Joe’s rarely rocks us despite its Manhattan pedigree in a town where asking for “a slice” gets the inevitable response, “yeah, but what kind?” Similarly, Gjelina’s inconsistent pies should have been surpassed for Main Street’s casual Bravo Pizzeria, with its heritage stretching back to Ferrara Bakery and on display.

We would have also enjoyed seeing Slice grab one of The Coop’s slices in Cheviot Hills, which remind us most of late New York nights on the hunt for cheap-but-ideal booze sponges. We’d also love to see if they could resist the charm of throwback Foliero’s in Highland Park or the Antica-stomping pies at Pitfire.

Which L.A. pizza do you think is missing from Slice’s list? Let us know in our comments.

The United States of Pizza: Where to Eat Pizza in California (Part 2, Southern California L.A.) [Slice]

Slice Surveys the State of L.A. Pizza