S. M. Daily Press Chortles at Dead Whales and Triple Homicide

Here’s one for the archives labeled “Too Soon.” Today the Santa Monica Daily Press, which stayed glued to The Hump’s legal issues and closure following the discovery of endangered whale meat omakase, features a fake article online that laughs at the incident and everyone involved. Ha ha, April Fool’s Day dead whales, activists, federal investigators, and those who just lost their businesses! The gross joke follows the “reported” scientific discovery that the specific whale served at The Hump just happened to be pregnant with twins, adding to the criminal charges and guilt that the restaurant’s owners are facing. Sadly, it gets worse.

Among the attempted hilarity are statements that the restaurant defends the serving of pregnant whale as a “delicacy” on its website, that activists plan to “assemble 20 to 30 unemployed people to stage a protest,” and it ends with the kicker that its other restaurant Typhoon was “covertly filmed dragging a gorilla torso out of a Range Rover which The Hump catered and where Councilwoman Gleem [SIC] Davies thought her whale meat was just a California Roll, “though, $1,200 does seem high for fake crab meat.”

The Hump and holiday clowning aside, jokes about murder victims who are pregnant with twins are nearly as indecent as serving endangered whale meat, especially landing on the heels of the rape and triple stabbing death of Eun Kang and her in-utero twins in December, which still has neighboring Venice residents rattled. City Hall officials may be clueless dolts, but it’s this paper that appears out-of-touch today. UPDATE: The fake article appears to have been taken down the next day.

Whale meat came from pregnant female [Santa Monica Daily Press]

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S. M. Daily Press Chortles at Dead Whales and Triple Homicide