Privus Will Shutter This Weekend

Privus' Bon Chon chicken
Privus’ Bon Chon chicken Photo: joyosity/Flickr

Privus will shutter on May 2. The news, first rumored on Chowhound, is confirmed by a Facebook invitation for a farewell party on May 1. Privus’ closing marks the end of an empire for owner Jerry Quinn, who was also the man behind the recently-deceased Brighton bar The Kells.

Privus was beloved by both the white hat set and the city’s food obsessives alike, the former there for the drunken festivities (where will they go now that Privus and The Foundation Lounge are dunzo?) and the latter enjoying Privus’ supply of cult Korean fried chicken Bon Chon. Though Quinn couldn’t be reached for comment, rumor has it that the Bon Chon franchise in Prius will be moving to Bull Korean BBQ, set to open soon in the former home of Shilla in Harvard Square.

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Privus Will Shutter This Weekend