‘Overrated’ Pelaccio: ‘There’s No Conceiveable Way to Charge Less’

Photo: Patrick McMullan

Not surprisingly, Zak Pelaccio wasn’t pleased that Fatty ‘Cue made the Voice’s throwaway list of top ten overrated restaurants, along with popular whipping boys like Empire Diner and Magnolia Bakery. Responding to accusations of “cynically small” portions and “cynically high” prices, Pelaccio points out his meticulous sourcing, the fact that only one dish is over $20, the average check price of $38 per person including booze, and finally says: “There’s no conceivable way to charge less and sustain the quality standards that we have set — it’s just enough for us to keep hosting the party and turning folks on to great products cooked in new ways, and with new flavors.” It may just be the most trouble the Voice’s food writers have gotten into with a chef since Sietsema knocked Terroir’s prices and got excoriated by commenters.

Zak Pelaccio Responds to Fatty ‘Cue’s Inclusion on Our 10 Most Overrated Restaurants List [Fork in the Road]

‘Overrated’ Pelaccio: ‘There’s No Conceiveable Way to