Paul Koretz Becomes The Food Truck Trend’s Gloria Molina

Photo: Hadley Tomicki

Newfangled food trucks are having as rough a time operating openly as taco trucks once had, and City Councilman Paul Koretz is apparently this trend’s version of lonchera-luchadora and fast-food foe Gloria Molina, who once wanted to jail and fine people for cooking our beloved mobile Mexican food. With tensions still simmering between real restaurants and free-wheeling eateries, two sides are lined up to counteract each others’ arguments and momentum.

LAist points us to a report that shows Koretz vocally opposing food truck courts like the one proposed for 3rd Street and LaJolla, arguing that “a lot of businesses in stationary, permitted locations feel it’s unfair competition, and I tend to agree with them.” Furthermore, he said that food trucks offer eating options only fit for construction sites. To counter Koretz’ complaints and take up the cause of the food trucks, SoCal Mobile Food Vendors Association is asking food trucks aficionados to email or call the Councilman and complain. If food trucks fail to motivate you, the organization is also offering invitations to a “private food truck tasting” for the best letters, two examples of which they already have online. Meanwhile, we await the “Pork Belly Tacos Are Not a Crime” shirts.

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Paul Koretz Becomes The Food Truck Trend’s Gloria Molina