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Pamela Anderson Unveils Vegan Shake; Kate Gosselin Dines at RockSugar

After rappers-turned-actors, could the next Hollywood trend be pop-stars turning into chefs? Well, we’re still awaiting the restaurant Britney Spears was going to open for her pappy and we recall Jennifer Aniston was bragging about her cooking last year, but still think it’s pretty unlikely. In fact, with Top Chef Masters on tonight, it seems chefs are getting more screen-time than stars. Why do we ponder such questions? Blame it all on Millions of Milkshakes, who seems to shelter more falling stars than Dr. Drew. This Friday at 3:00 P.M., Pamela Anderson will appear here to unveil her own all-vegan shake. Photographers and strict dieters will probably follow, while we stick to the real thing. Meanwhile, take a look below if you want to see where stars are staying in place, eating at random restaurants that more often than not earn our sneers of disapproval.

Aroma Café: Vanessa Hudgens took her sister to lunch. [Just Jared]

Baja Fresh: Shia LeBeouf picked up a bite and is a frequent fan. [Just Jared]

Culina: The Jonas Bros. double-dated over dinner. [Gossip Center]

Erewhon Food: Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas joked around. [Teen Daily]

Gelsons: Rachel Bilson bought a fruit salad, which we would do too if someone was taking pictures of us shopping. [Just Jared]

L.A. Food Show: Janie Dickinson had lunch, including cheesecake. [Grub Street]

Little Dom’s: Kate Walsh had brunch with her man on Easter. [Just Jared]

Menchies: Britney Spears and her dude got some frozen yogurt. [Just Jared]

Millions of Milkshakes: Pamela Anderson is launching a vegan shake this Friday. [YouTube]

RockSugar: Sharon Stone sipped on sparkling water and dined with her friend. Kate Gosselin was also there eating with her bodyguard. [O.K. Magazine]

Station Hollywood: Jessica Alba, Jesse McCartney, Christopher Lloyd, Jordan Bratman, Chris Messina, Emma Caulfield, Madeline Zima, and James Cromwell attended the L.A. reception for the Tribeca Film Festival. [Fox News]

Tavern: Jennifer Garner took her daughter to lunch. [Just Jared]

Thai Town: Marisa Tomei and boyfriend Logan Marshall Green ate at food stalls celebrating Songkran. [Just Jared]

Pamela Anderson Unveils Vegan Shake; Kate Gosselin Dines at RockSugar