Owners of Mighty to Open New Venue: The Public Works

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Nightclub impresarios Pete Glikshtern and Jeff Whitemore, who currently own Mighty and who used to own Club Six, are expanding with a new venture in the Mission called The Public Works at 161 Erie. Grub Street notes today that they went before the Entertainment Commission this week to apply for their extended hour and entertainment permits, and their liquor license app in also in.

The Guardian did a profile of the pair a few years ago when they took over Mighty, and in it Glikshtern cites some New York clubs and bars as inspiration for his aesthetic, places like the now defunct Save the Robots and Twilo. Whitemore was the manager of the famed Trocadero Transfer back in the day, and has more Burning Man-esque tastes.

Matthew Camp and Yoway Buorn are listed as general managers for the new venture, and beyond that we’re still on the hunt for details. Our guess is we won’t see the place open for a few months, and given all the recent strife over nightclub violence and the Entertainment Commission itself, getting the place open could be an uphill battle. More details to come.

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Owners of Mighty to Open New Venue: The Public Works