Proprietor of East Village ‘Vomitorium’: ‘We Aren’t Looking at Ruining the Neighborhood’

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News of New Orleans–themed bar Billy Hurricanes hasn’t sat well with other bloggers — in fact, Guest of a Guest has presumptively declared the place a “vomitorium,” and EV Grieve has written, “I can smell the vomit already!” Now that Superdive may leave its current location for a new one, is Billy Hurricanes destined to be the neighborhood’s hot new douchetination? We called the joint’s operator Kyle Radzyminski (also a partner in Thunder Jackson’s) and asked him whether East Village residents should invest in mops.

“We aren’t looking at ruining the neighborhood,” Radzyminski told us. That’s one thing people get frightened of. A couple of our guys have families and multiple kids. It’s more of a place where you can watch sports, not a frat house.” Radzyminski assured us that he’s looking to open “a place for almost anyone and everyone,” including folks who happen to enjoy the “kitschy but fun” goings-on at his other bars (oversize drinks, a “Wheel of Shots,” Lady Gaga–lookalike contests, and music ranging from Journey to, again, Lady Gaga). Neighbors, don’t be scared off by the fact that the bar is “Bourbon Street–inspired”— as last week’s episode of Treme made clear, there’s pride on Bourbon Street.

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Proprietor of East Village ‘Vomitorium’: ‘We Aren’t