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Nomar Noshes on Sushi; Mayors Convene at Locke-Ober

Photo: Locke-Ober

Politicos descended on the Hub en masse this week: Locke-Ober hosted a gathering of former and current big city mayors, Barney Frank ate a birthday lunch at Clarke’s, and Obama strategist David Axlerod caught up with historian Doris Kearns Goodwin at UpStairs on the Square. Elsewhere, Nomah(!!!) supped on sushi, and Howie Carr got the spins in Wellesley. Check out the full celebrity roundup below.

Clarke’s: Barney Frank enjoyed a birthday lunch before catching the train back to D.C. [Inside Track/Herald]

Gaslight: Meredith Viera enjoyed a Friday night dinner. [Names/Globe]

Haru: Nomah! Once and forever Sox shortstop Nomar Garciaparra dined on sushi with a friend. [Inside Track/Herald]

Locke-Ober: Mayors Menino, Bloomberg, Daley, and Diaz dined alongside Larry Lucchino in the restaurant’s private room. [Inside Track/Herald]

Papa Razzi: Howie Carr checked into the hospital after suffering a dizzy spell during dinner at the chain’s Wellesley outpost. [Inside Track/Herald]

South Street Diner: The governor: he’s just like us! Deval Patrick stopped in for lunch at the greasy spoon. [Inside Track/Herald]

Union Oyster House: Treat Williams and a date popped into the historic restaurant. [Inside Track/Herald]

The Upper Crust: Ashley Judd picked up a pepperoni slice, just like a non-celeb Harvard grad student. [Inside Track/Herald]

UpStairs on the Square: Here’s one for the political junkies: David Axelrod and Doris Kearns Goodwin shared a lunch of artisanal pizzas. [Inside Track/Herald]

Nomar Noshes on Sushi; Mayors Convene at Locke-Ober