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Nios, ReBar Announce New Chefs, New Menus

Photo: Courtesy of ReBar

A couple of new chef announcements today: First, the new executive chef at Nios is Massimo De Francesca, formerly of Domaso, located outside D.C. Among his menu additions: Carbonara “Poutine” featuring pancetta, egg-yolk brown gravy, and Parmesan, and the Merguez Poutine with smoked goat cheese, lamb sausage, and mint lamb gravy. And Dumbo’s ReBar tells us its new exec toque is Jeremy Leech, a West Coaster who was most recently the sous-chef at Flatbush Farm.

Leech’s new menu has (need we say it?) a “seasonal, organic, and locally sourced spin,” and includes boar sausage, a sacrilegious cheesesteak (made with house-smoked Gouda that also goes on the macaroni and cheese), and a luxurious bouillabaisse, as well as “secret” menu items that are given to you along with your check for your next visit. Peruse the new menus below.

Nios menu
ReBar menu

Nios, ReBar Announce New Chefs, New Menus