Nell’s Won’t Be Revived Till Summer (More Time to Save Up for Armani!)

Back when we previewed nightlife destinations bound for the meatpacking district, Scott Sartiano and Richie Akiva’s unnamed supper club in the Plumm space was expected to open in time for Christmas parties. That didn’t happen, and by the looks of the above and below construction shots (sent by a tipster), it’ll be a little while longer before the space is completely douched (that is to say, cleaned up). Reps are now hoping for a summer opening. In the meantime, here’s Sartiano telling Creative Loafing how to get into Butter’s new, “ultraexclusive” outpost in Charlotte, North Carolina.

It’s not very complicated — people should just dress well (If you come in wearing shorts or ripped up jeans and a baseball cap, you’re probably less likely to get in, whereas you have someone dressed in an Armani suit or something like that … sounds like a really cheesy thing but you know what I’m saying), arrive with an even guy-to-girl ratio and be courteous. They’re a few basic rules that help make for a fun night and a friendly atmosphere.

Armani, if you notice a sales spike in the Charlotte, North Carolina, area, you know why.

Nell’s Won’t Be Revived Till Summer (More Time to Save Up for