Frappuccinos Go Vegan; Are Hybrid Tomatoes Heirloom?

• Starbucks will introduce vegan Frappuccinos on May 5. [Quarry Girl via Consumerist]

• A new crop of hybrid tomatoes claim to mimic the taste of heirlooms without the fuss, but heirloom purists are not impressed. [WSJ]

• The Red Hook Lobster Pound will soon launch a food truck in D.C. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

• Like the Red Hook Lobster Pound, Blue Marble Ice Cream is a finalist to operate a cart in Brooklyn Bridge Park. [Brooklyn Paper]
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• 7-Eleven will soon launch Game Day, a new premium beer. [Dallas News via Awl]

• Private chefs must deal with the mercurial whims of the rich and famous. [NYP]

• Russia’s elite are unhappy that the Icelandic volcano has limited their access to oysters and peaches. [Reuters]

• Though it took Pedro Espada three years to spend $20,000 of his embezzled money on sushi dinners, a similar tab could be racked up at Bar Masa in one meal. [City Room/NYT]

• Durham, North Carolina’s local food scene is better than ever. [NYT]

Frappuccinos Go Vegan; Are Hybrid Tomatoes Heirloom?