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Marlowe Makes the Grade

The oft-mentioned Brussels sprout chips.
The oft-mentioned Brussels sprout chips. Photo: The Perfect Spot SF

Bauer’s review of Marlowe finally dropped on Sunday, and for such a modest, casual restaurant it’s pretty much a rave, with three stars overall and for the food. From the review we learn that Australian owner Anna Weinberg named the place after her great-grandfather, who had a butcher shop in Boston. And we also learn that in addition to his new favorite burger, Bauer also loves chef Jennifer Puccio’s bone marrow, spicy prawns, Brussels sprout chips, and the sautéed Brussels sprout side dish with brown butter which he calls “one of the Bay Area’s best.”

(The Brussels sprout chips have been a clear enough hit for diners that Puccio herself told Grub Street, “I don’t know what I’m going to do when they go out of season.”)

Bauer also calls Puccio’s poulet vert the “showstopper” of the menu, and we’ve got to agree there. See our video of Chef Puccio preparing her chicken for its 24-hour marinade.

Marlowe Seizes Its Second Chance [Chron]

Marlowe Makes the Grade