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Ludo Lefebvre Gets Fresh ‘LudoBites’ Ink

Ludo's new tat
Ludo’s new tat Photo: Krissy Lefebvre

Chef Ludo Lefebvre is in the middle of a very busy month. He re-opened his LudoBites pop-up restaurant last Thursday in Downtown’s Gram and Papa’s for a seven-week run and will resurface next Wednesday as a contestant on Top Chef Masters. This past Monday night, the inked-up chef added a new piece to his collection of body art, with the knife-wielding LudoBites coq icon now on the back of his right arm. Like all of our friends getting tattoos, we asked Ludo the logical question, “Why this design and why now?”

The chef explains to Grub Street, “The rooster is the national emblem of France and he inspires me because the rooster wakes up every morning singing, even though he is standing in shit. It does not matter how tough things were the night before. I just have to wake and keep singing…and cooking.

My friend Burton Morris who is a very well known pop-artist drew the rooster for me and made him look like me, a pissed off rooster with a tattoo & knife. I think he did a great job. I got the new tattoo because LudoBites has become a defining moment in my culinary journey and all of my tattoos tell a story about some significant moments in my life. Now lets just hope I don’t screw it up.”

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Ludo Lefebvre Gets Fresh ‘LudoBites’ Ink