Local Blog Accuses Globe of Nacho-Related Plagarism

Wednesday’s Globe story about upscale nachos didn’t sit too well with local blog El Tour del Nacho, which accuses the paper of “posting an article in which the author not only used some of the terms we’ve coined (we were unaware “naked chip” and “specialty nacho” were a commonplace idioms), but ripped off seven of her nine reviewing locations from our Master Nacho List.” The bloggers maintain that they were contacted by Courtney Hollands, the author of the Globe piece and asked for their favorite nachos, three of which were featured in Hollands’ story without credit.

“What we don’t appreciate is the manner in which this author used us and then failed to provide any credit. Yes, she could have found all of those places on her own, but by contacting us she proved that she didn’t. At the most basic level, she stole our ideas, and regardless of any legalities, she used her place as “professional” writer to disrespect us and discount all the work we’ve done,” write the semi-anonymous nacho bloggers, in a post with the tags “do we need a lawyer?,” “piece of shit journalists,” and “plagiarism.”

For her part, Hollands says all can be attributed to a simple change in direction: “We were originally going to do a story with [El Tour Del Nacho] about their tips for the best nachos in Boston, but then we decided to go a different route and do a first person story recommeding different nachos.”

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Local Blog Accuses Globe of Nacho-Related Plagarism