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Kramer Gets Too Comfortable at Aldino’s; Pang Snacks on Some Sausage

Photo: courtesy of Aldino’s

Julia Kramer from Time Out Chicago can’t decide whether she enjoys the neighborhood vibe of Aldino’s, or wishes it would just try a little harder: “Some of the dishes are a bit too comfortable and need something to push them to the next level.” Her favorite part seems to be the donuts, which “are nearly the size of tennis balls: One is filled with tart lemon curd, another with vanilla bean-flecked pastry cream. A third is light and airy, nothing more—and nothing less—than a fried-dough monument to close-to-home comforts.” [TOC]

Sausage is Kevin Pang’s muse in his second Cheap Eater column. Instead of the usual Vienna Beef route, Pang showcases other specialties of the city like barbecue hot links and Polish pork sausages. He seems particularly smitten with the hot links form Mack Sevier’s Uncle John BBQ on the South Side. “The links…are smoked over hickory and marbury oak, before going in the hot oil for a flash fry, giving the casing a near-crackle.” [Trib]

David Hammond, Laura Levy Shatkin, and Mike Sula all chip in for The Chicago Reader’s 14 restaurant picks in Albany Park. Some of their favorites include pollo rostizado from Brasa Roja and kalbi from Kang Nam. They also can’t pass by Tre Kronor, a Swedish shop with devilish pastries “each packing enough points to top out your Weight Watchers quota for the day. [Chicago Reader]

Kramer Gets Too Comfortable at Aldino’s; Pang Snacks on Some Sausage