Jones, a New Club/Lounge, Is Coming to the Tenderloin

The Gaylord building.
The Gaylord building. Photo: TripAdvisor

With the economy picking up steam, club proprietor Peter Glikshtern is wasting no time getting new projects rolling, and today Grub Street learns he’s got his eye on the historic Gaylord Suites building on Jones Street. Glikshtern, along with business partner Jeff Whitemore, own Mighty, and two weeks ago we noted their plans for The Public Works, a new club at Erie and Mission near the freeway overpass.

Now, via the agenda for tonight’s Entertainment Commission meeting, we see Glikshtern once again proposing a new “place of entertainment” called Jones at 620 Jones Street in the Gaylord building. Glikshtern couldn’t be reached just yet for comment, but according to Gaylord staff, construction has already begun in the basement of the building on the new bar and club. From the sound of it, the opening could be a good many months from now.

You’ve likely noticed the ornate, sculptural facade of the building on the way to or from Bourbon & Branch. What was once a residence hotel has been converted into a value-priced hotel with long-term rates for fully furnished apartments, obviously located among some of the sketchiest blocks in town. But it’s good to know B&B; won’t always be so lonely there on the block, and maybe the Tenderloin will become a tourist draw after all.

Jones, a New Club/Lounge, Is Coming to the Tenderloin