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Jerry Remy’s Expansion Plans Rankle Fenway Residents

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Jerry Remy’s wants to add a 300 seat rooftop patio and Fenway residents are not happy, reports the Herald. The Fenway Civic Association is unhappy that the patio wasn’t presented in the restaurant’s original plans, but managing partner John Mascia insists that’s just because the restaurant management didn’t think they’d be able to afford it.

It’s difficult not to wonder if the Civic Association is not, perhaps, being a touch disingenuous here. After all, if you live close enough to hear the noise from Jerry Remy’s, you definitely live close enough to hear the noise from Fenway Park itself. It’s not exactly a quiet neighborhood under the best of circumstances. Furthermore, Jerry Remy’s central design feature is two massive sets of wide-open windows. This is not a very self-contained restaurant.

That being said, it doesn’t look like the Remy’s rooftop is a go any time soon (depriving UrbanDaddy of one more chance to use its favorite subject line, “Your New Rooftop Bar”): Fenway Civic Association president William Richardson has said he will not approve the expansion. For their part, Jerry Remy’s seems optimistic: “We have had some discussions with abutters and community groups very recently to solicit feedback, so it is premature to speculate on what the exact specifics of the final design will be. The plan that we will submit will be one that offers patrons a unique experience, while respecting the character of the neighborhood,” says spokesperson Matt Watkins in a statement.

Fenway Residents Balk at Plan for 300 Seats on Eatery’s Roof [Herald]

Jerry Remy’s Expansion Plans Rankle Fenway Residents