Ivy Stark: ‘ I Have Clearly Been Misunderstood’

Today the chef at New York’s Dos Caminos, Ivy Stark, reaches out to Grub Street to clear up her feelings about Los Angeles Mexican food, following her assertion that Angelenos “always think they are experts on Mexican cuisine” and that, unlike her favorite, Oaxacan Guelaguetza, the majority of our Mexican restaurants serve “Americanized Tex-Mex food.” Her response is below.

I have clearly been misunderstood I actually started my career cooking Mexican food in LA because there is great Mexican food there. But as i said in the article besides the very taco stands you mention me having no knowledge of (falsely i should add) and a few restaurants — there is huge amount of bad chain food there. Not naming names, but there are many that you didn’t mention. I also spent my life visiting my mother who lives in LA, so not so much an outsider. While I traveled to Westwood to school i didn’t live there; lived in Venice. Guelagetza was and is my favorite Mexican restaurant in LA. [My] point was being from LA doesn’t make one an expert on Mexican anymore than being from NY doesn’t make one an expert on pizza!


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Ivy Stark: ‘ I Have Clearly Been Misunderstood’