Is Lowell The Next Big Restaurant Town?

La Boniche
La Boniche Photo: Muffet/Flickr

If textile mills and Jack Kerouac are the only things that pop into your head when you hear the word “Lowell,” think again. The former textile manufacturing town has a killer food scene, reports the Globe.

Indeed, the diversity of restaurants within a few miles is enough to inspire envy from Bostonians: a branch of Caffe Paradiso, a Mexican restaurant that, despite being called Mr. Jalapeños, is apparently very good, great Dominican spots, upscale French, a huge number of Lao and Cambodian spots (Lowell has the second-largest Cambodian population in the country), and even a French-Canadian market. You don’t see that in the South End. Add giant, reasonably-priced lofts to the mix, and you have a recipe for a new hipster neighborhood. We’re giving Lowell a year until it blows up — visit now so you look ahead of the curve.

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Is Lowell The Next Big Restaurant Town?