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How to Steer Nightowls from Swinger’s

Okay and old
Okay and old Photo: Hadley Tomicki

Today one of those Eatocrats over at CNN takes a look at L.A.’s late-night eateries. Pacific Dining Car, The Original Pantry, and Philippe’s get nods for filling stomachs in the wee hours. Not a bad list, but with the exception of oft-hopping Philippes, a list seemingly made for those who go to bed no later than 9:00 P.M. Where should you go instead?

We’d suggest night-crawlers head to more happening grounds, and have breakfast-for-dinner at Fred 62 and The Standard Coffee Shop, upscale burgers at 25 Degrees or sloppy chili-coated ones at Tommy’s, all 24-hour options, and as a last result, Norm’s before bland-but-popular Swinger’s. Late-night is ideal taco truck and street vendor time too, so skip the restaurant, big bill, and Benito’s if you’re hungry. New Chego stays up to midnight, and as we noted last week, makes ideal late-munching cuisine. If you want a classic you haven’t trod as heavily as CNN’s choices, Ladera Heights’ Pann’s keeps late-hours on the weekend’s in a Jetson’s-influenced space built in the late-Fifties.

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How to Steer Nightowls from Swinger’s