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Chef-Parents’ Tips for Dining With Kids

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Eating out with children tends to be something of a precarious balancing act for everyone involved, so who better to advise diners than chefs who are parents themselves? In time for Mother’s Day, OpenTable questioned a cross section of chef-parents and got some tips that will set your child on the path to restaurant obsession, just like Mom and Dad.

“Timing your visit so that your child is hungry (but not starving!) when you arrive at a restaurant makes for an easier dining experience,” suggests Butter’s Alexandra Guarnaschelli. Gramercy Tavern’s Michael Anthony advises kids to “try to guess what each staffer does by uniform — what the jobs of the people in the restaurant are.” If you’re particularly high-profile (or just a regular somewhere), follow Wolfgang Puck’s example: “I generally go to [a restaurant] where I am well known, and I’ll call them in advance to have something ready as soon as we sit down … so that way the kids won’t fill up on bread.”

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Chef-Parents’ Tips for Dining With Kids