Houston’s Owners Open South Beverly Grill

South Beverly Grill
South Beverly Grill Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Last month we spied South Beverly Grill readying for an open in 90210 to fatten The Hillstone Group’s portfolio. The conglomerate has a heavy presence already in L.A. with a small handful of mega-Houston’s and a Gulfstream, plus smaller eateries like Banderas and R+D Test Kitchen. Eater tells us the now open space looks kind of like a Houstons, but with some careful Southwestern flare, and that a typically massive menu throws back to dishes like fried oysters, shrimp Louie, and chicken Waldorf, among appearances by Houston’s burgers and French dips. Surprisingly, and on opposite ends of the spectrum, there’s also a mesquite grilled lamb sirloin and vegetarian curries, while the restaurant will also bake its own bread. Midwest-style, chain restaurant eating does have an efficient side in the end and naturally, giant desserts that are really like three desserts-in-one follow. A brownie with champagne custard and tiramisu anyone?

122 S. Beverly Dr. Beverly Hills

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Houston’s Owners Open South Beverly Grill