Hot Spot Cafe Victims Were Targeted; KFC Uses Fried Chicken for Bread

• The four men shot and killed on Saturday afternoon at North Hollywood’s Hot Spot Café were specifically targeted, says LAPD investigators. [L.A. Times]

• Over six million tons of food is dumped into landfills each year, enough to fill the Staples Center 35 times over. [SCPR]

• Earthquake researchers are hoping yesterday’s MexiCali quake prods people to store food and prepare other emergency measures. [CS Monitor]

• KFC’s Double Down sandwich, a bacon-cheese sandwich with fried chicken substituting for the bread, will launch nationally on April 12. [Eater]

• Baseball stadiums nationwide are adding more diverse and upscale food offerings. [NRN]

• Vitaminwater’s new ad campaign hints at the product’s efficacy as a hangover cure. [WSJ]

• Following a lawsuit, Maker’s Mark’s red seal is now a registered trademark. [NYP]

• Bringing meals onto airplanes often offends other passengers; just one of the problems in the relationship between food and flying that began when airlines cut out meal service. [CNN]

• Angels Stadium is introducing eleven new dining concepts this season. [Halosheaven]

• An executive from various Taiwanese honey importing companies was arrested in Chicago on charges of trying to falsify his products’ origin to escape dumping regulations. [Media-Newswire]

• Downtown’s Syrup serves dessert, even for breakfast. [L.A. Downtown News]

Hot Spot Cafe Victims Were Targeted; KFC Uses Fried Chicken for Bread