Great Lake to Serve Sicilian Slices

A Sicilian style pizza from Adrienne's Pizzabar in New York.
A Sicilian style pizza from Adrienne’s Pizzabar in New York. Photo: ecnerwal/Flickr

We’ve all waited outside Great Lake for hours, ready to chew off each others’ arms just for a piece of what is considered some of the best pizza in the country. Well, some changes are underway to hopefully make that whole experience a tad more endurable. The outside tables are being removed, to be replaced by benches. Oh, and they are going to start serving thick-crusted Sicilian slices…to go. This is huge.

See, Sicilian style slices are meant to be baked in large pans. Hopefully, this will allow for the notoriously slow restaurant to have something edible and ready to go while people are waiting in line. That’s a good thing.

But, there are also other implications. Often this thick-crusted pizza has sauce served over the cheese. Does this sound a little familiar? Essentially, we’re seeing this as another invasion of New York pizza culture, and, perhaps, one more nail in the coffin for deep-dish pizza in Chicago. Of course, Sicilian can occasionally be served at room temperature, too. But Great Lake’s pizza already tastes great when cold.

Pizza openings over the past year have been almost exclusively for Neapolitan style places. So, it’s thrilling to see a new style of pizza taken on by one of the most obsessed pizza makers in the country. No firm date has been set when this will happen beyond “when the weather stabilizes.”

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Great Lake to Serve Sicilian Slices