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Flour + Water Team Expands With Central Kitchen

Chef Thomas MacNaughton
Chef Thomas MacNaughton Photo: Courtesy of Flour + Water

We had heard rumblings that Flour + Water might be in empire building mode, but hadn’t gathered the details. The Scoop today reports that the team of David White, David Steele and chef Thomas McNaughton have signed a lease down the block at 3000 20th Street for a multi-faceted project due in Spring 2011.

Central Kitchen will be the dinner and brunch destination, with a large open kitchen that will not include a pizza oven. Chef MacNaughton and company will serving dinner at two seatings, five nights a week, and “each evening will feature a themed dinner, be it centered around a farmer, animal, winemaker, guest chef and so on.”

The concept sounds not dissimilar to Local: Mission Eatery, where they’re still only doing one seating a few nights a week, but where they’ll ultimately do two, and where each night is a kind of chef’s table experience with no set menu.

Next to Central Kitchen, open during the days, will be Salumeria, an Old-World style deli. And again, no pizza.

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Flour + Water Team Expands With Central Kitchen