FDA Slacks on Inspections; Where to Eat ‘Motor Oil’

• The FDA is not inspecting food manufacturing sites often enough, finds a new government report. [NYDN]

• Rio-born Monica (Burgos) Beresford-Redmen, the slain owner of Zabumba, was a pillar of L.A.’s Brazilian community. [Examiner]

• Many restaurant stock prices already account for a projected economic recovery, leading analysts to recommend careful research when investing. [Reuters]

• Pismo Beach’s Tomasko Taffy serves a decadent dessert with dark chocolate and Kaluha ice cream called “Motor Oil.” [NY Times]

• Florence Fabricant is now penning a dining etiquette column for Diner’s Journal. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

• Whole Foods will soon begin recycling customers’ wine corks. [Slashfood]

• Binge drinking has steadily risen in the United Kingdom over the past several years and the topic is a major part of this year’s elections. [WSJ]

• The Harrigan SIsters opened their seventh Stonefire Grill, this one in Thousand Oaks. [Ventura County Star]

FDA Slacks on Inspections; Where to Eat ‘Motor Oil’