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Everybody Reviews Delphine This Week and Really Likes It

Delphine is recommended across the boards
Delphine is recommended across the boards Photo: Delphine

“If Wizards of Waverly Place is the tween equivalent of The New Yorker, Delphine is its Algonquin Round Table,” writes an inspired Jonathan Gold, while suggesting you skip the Catalan-influenced plates. He’s mixed on a few dishes, but loves Sascha Lyon’s trout meunière. [L.A. Weekly]

Agreeing with Gold that’s there’s a lot of fine folks in the room, Virbila decides Delphine is “not Cannes — or even Café Boulud or Bouchon — but it’s a bright new star on Hollywood Boulevard,” raving about a range of dishes, and giving the bouillabaisse and mac and cheese “best around town” nods. [L.A. Times]

At Delphine “everything looks, tastes, and feels effortless except the service, which is all over the place,” writes Los Angeles Magazine. [Los Angeles]

“You’ve probably driven past Saint Rocke over the years without knowing it was a good place to eat,” suggests Merrill Shindler on a Hermosa Beach live band bar, but he thinks you should know their huge host of sliders, even if “the rest of the menu meanders a bit drunkenly between bar food and not bar food.” [Daily Breeze]

It’s hard to find a peaceful place to eat in West Hollywood, but Jonathan Gold still tries to find somewhere you might relax yourself. [L.A. Weekly]

George Abou-Daoud’s District is “probably the first of his restaurants in which the food is at least as important as the cocktails,” writes J. Gold, finding it the best fit for chef Kris Morningstar since Blue Velvet. [L.A. Weekly]

Everybody Reviews Delphine This Week and Really Likes It