The Other Critics

East By Northeast Is ‘A Delicious Surprise"; A Rave for American Craft

Market Photo: Syndicate

• Mat Schaffer gives East by Northeast an A- in a rave: “What a delicious surprise to discover some of Boston’s best food a few blocks from Inman Square in Cambridge at tiny East by Northeast…. The food - which creatively blends Asian and Western techniques and sensibilities - is spot-on. [Herald]

• Robert Nadeau has four stars for American Craft: “If American Craft was a brand-new restaurant, I still would be an enthusiast. But it’s even better as is, because it’s the end result of a story of hard knocks.” [Phoenix]

• Devra First gives Dedham’s Legal C Bar two stars, almost despite herself: “The surprise here is that Legal C Bar is not lame. It works. Shockingly well.” [Globe]

• Patrick Main four-stars Market and, though his dinner was uneven, “I’d definitely go back, however (and recommend that you do, too), as I can’t wait to see more of the seasonally changing menu.” [Weekly Dig]

• Cheap Eats visits Hingham’s The Snug, which “lives up to its name. There are only a dozen tables and often a crowd, and a long, dark bar, with 14 beers on tap and a friendly Irish bartender who seems to know everyone.” [Globe]

• MC Slim JB visits the Tremont Street Cafe, where everything from gelato to baklava is on offer: “I say, any place that does sandwiches and coffee this well can try its hand at whatever else it pleases.” [Phoenix]

East By Northeast Is ‘A Delicious Surprise"; A Rave for American Craft