Casting Calls

Do You Eat (or Serve) Eyeballs and Stuff? Be on TV!

Beef heart, anyone?
Beef heart, anyone? Photo: iStockphoto

Below are a couple of fun casting calls from our favorite crowd-sourcing newsletter, Help a Reporter Out. It seems a Fox News health reporter, perhaps inspired by the recent Bizarre Foods episode where Zimmern really outdid himself (bamboo rats! Dung beetles! Raw gall-bladder bile!), is looking for a restaurateur who can hold forth about the health benefits of eating things like testicles and eyeballs. Sounds like a job for X’ian Famous Foods and whoever wrote descriptions like this on its menu: “The lamb face meat is composed of muscles and soft tendons, and has quite a medley of textures” and “what is a lamb treasure? that is one of the most frequently asked questions. our general response is: ‘it is mr. lamb’s treasures,’ or, ‘mr. lamb only has two of these treasures.’ if you cannot figure out what it is by now, you probably should stick with the lamb meat soup.”

Summary: Casting Seeking adults with unusual eating habits for a new TV series.
Name: Maria Skeels (Cable television)
Category: General

NYC: Unique/Rare Dishes
Name: Paula Rizzo (
Category: Biotech and Healthcare
Media Outlet:
Deadline: 07:00 PM EST - 30 April
Query:Hi – I’m looking for restaurants in NYC that service very
unique/rare dishes. We’d like to do a tasting with a unique
medicinal expert and a doctor. The restaurant must be in NYC and
serve things like: brains, testicles, eyeballs, cockscombs, etc.
The stranger the better. We will be talking about cultures that
eat these types of foods and their health benefits.

Do You Eat (or Serve) Eyeballs and Stuff? Be on TV!