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David Burke Has a New Restaurant Up His Sleeve

Photo: Getty Images

A few days ago, it came to light that Donatella Arpaia is planning a new eponymous restaurant, and now it looks like her former business partner David Burke is also. Here’s an item sent by a Grand Central Terminal publicist who clearly wants you to know that DB is a real mensch.

Apparently David Burke isn’t too broken up about his “Top Chef Masters” defeat, which aired last night on Bravo. He was in high spirits at the Real Simple 10th Anniversary Event at Grand Central Terminal this afternoon, working the main demo stage, preparing a salmon and tuna tartare for the crowd. Any misconception of him being a diva was quickly dispelled — he talked to fans, personally handed out cheesecake lollipops, answered questions, even helped the event staff break down his demo table and clean up his station. After the demo he was overheard telling a member of the event crew that they should “stay tuned” as he would have news about a new restaurant here in New York very soon.

David Burke, winning them over one cheesecake lollipop at a time! Unfortunately, that’s all we have for now.

David Burke Has a New Restaurant Up His Sleeve