So Long, Charter School Speakeasy!


After a stern warning from School District Superintendent Arlene Ackerman, Harambee, the now-infamous charter school that transformed itself nightly into Club Damani, an unlicensed nightclub/banquet hall, has pulled the plug on the party.

City Controller Alan Butkovitz is also investigating the accounting practices of the school’s chief financial officer, who magically appears to have put in for 463 days of work in 2008, 98 days more than the traditionally recommended 365. Of course, that sounds just about right for nightclub accounting practices, but slightly irregular for a school CPA. The regular schoolkids will return to the Harambee building on Monday; no word on what will happen to the Club Kids.

Nightclub gone, Harambee students to return Monday [Inquirer]

So Long, Charter School Speakeasy!