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Watch Cibo Matto and Hum Botantical Spirit Design a Prix Fix Menu

Here’s another video we can’t believe we missed. The Loop’s cibo matto teamed up with hum botanical spirit to present a $65 4-course prix fixe menu, and Foodie the App has a video which details the whole process. The pairing makes perfect sense, beyond the fact that both apparently hate capitalized letters. The liqueur is a play on an Italian amaro, and cibo matto is essentially a modern Italian restaurant. The special is only available if you book it through But even if you don’t visit, you can at least see how the menu was developed, and maybe steal a cocktail recipe or two.

Nacional 27’s Adam Segar helped develop the cocktails that will be served with four courses from cibo matto’s chef Todd Stein. The cocktails are all plays on old classics like a Campari with soda, a Fizz, a Sidecar, and a Flip. Hum has been featured around town, including in the new spring cocktail menu for Terzo Piano. The full prix fixe menu is below. The special will run through May 15.

Food & Spirit Series Cibo Matto & Hum [Foodie the App]

The Menu
Hum and Soda
Beets and Burrata - Hum Botanical Time Warp
Herb and Citrus-Roasted Prawns - Hum Fizz
Grilled Quail - Hum-Car
White Chocolate Mousse - Hum Flip
Watch Cibo Matto and Hum Botantical Spirit Design a Prix Fix Menu