Chicago’s Best Picks Chicago’s Best Tacos

They loved the the al pastor tacos at Taco El Jaliciense.
They loved the the al pastor tacos at Taco El Jaliciense. Photo: Nick Kindelsperger

Ted Brunson with Chicago’s Best TV visited six taco places in the city, and crowned Taqueria El Milagro, Taco El Jaliciense, and Mercadito as the best. It’s not exactly on par with the obsessed journalistic endeavor of eating burgers for 65 days in a row, but the videos do have interviews with the chefs and manage to highlight some of the better tacos in the city. The picks aren’t particularly controversial, even if Mercadito is a recent New York transplant in a city filled with great local Mexican restaurants. Instead, it’s who they left off the list that is the most intriguing.

Most notably, Rick Bayless isn’t even mentioned. In fact, none of his restaurants, nor any from his alumni, were even in consideration. A few of the places that were in the running but didn’t make the cut were the South Side chain Zacatacos, Paul Kahan’s Wicker Park honky tonk Big Star, and the Ukrainian Village’s La Pasadita. We expect some Blue Line riders to be particularly upset.

Obviously, the list was designed to get people talking about the best tacos, which is much better than talking about, say, monster burritos. Still, we’d like to have seen Birreria Zaragoza’s goat tacos in the mix.

Chicago’s Best Tacos [Chicago’s Best]

Chicago’s Best Picks Chicago’s Best Tacos