Cahill’s Smoothie Past; Chain Business Rises

• Gubernatorial candidate Tim Cahill’s experience running a Quincy smoothie stand was formative in his life. [Globe]

• Business is up at restaurant chains across the nation. [WSJ]

• Is England’s L’Enclume the next El Bulli? [Time]

• The po’ boy was created to feed striking streetcar workers in 1929. [Salon]

• Gastropubs are on the rise. [NRN]

• Twenty people were recently detained for allegedly smuggling cocaine in in-flight meal containers between the Dutch Antilles and the Netherlands. [News]

• KFC’s “Buckets for the Cure” campaign to benefit breast cancer research has come under fire, with some questioning the appropriateness of a fast food chain getting involved in a health-based promotion. [NYDN]

Cahill’s Smoothie Past; Chain Business Rises