BreadBar Traces the Arc of Cocktail Culture With ‘Hatchi Mix’

We pay close attention to BreadBar’s Hatchi series, a monthly showcase of chefs picked by chef Nori Sugie, who are often lesser known, but rapidly gaining reps for boundary-shoving, and at times eccentric, culinary obsessions. Now the restaurant tells us a new Hatchi series will begin next month and do the same for mixologists on the first Thursday of each month. Called Hatchi Mix, the night will be half-performance, half-party with eight different $8 cocktails made by bartenders with expertise in everything from “medicinal” to molecular mixology. Guest chefs might also make appearances, a press release promises. So, who’s up first?

The Tasting Kitchen’s Devin Espinosa, a specialist in resuscitating pre-prohibition cocktails like the Sazerac, Manhattan, Martinez and Last Word. Espinosa is not only kicking the series off, but will help choose future mixologists for the program in an effort to trace and build upon the history and future of the cocktail craft. So far, it sounds like mostly local talent will play a big part, with two of everyone’s favorites, Joel Black of Cana Rum Bar highlighting rum on June 3rd and Rivera’s Julian Cox fixated on tequila on July 1st.

Hatchi Mix starts May 6th at 6:00 P.M. 10250 Santa Monica Blvd. 310-277-3770

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BreadBar Traces the Arc of Cocktail Culture With ‘Hatchi Mix’