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Updated: Blowfish Sushi Expanding to Former Lingba Space?

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We’ve been keeping an eye on the former Lingba space, which sits on a desirable Potrero Hill corner at 18th and Connecticut, ever since the initial rumor floated around the Maktub Group (Chez Papa, Chez Maman) had acquired it to remake it into a taqueria called Papito. Later, we figured out that Papito was actually going into the attached former shoe store space next door (317 Connecticut), and that Lingba itself had been resold. Now, via some city documents, Grub Street learns that former Blowfish Sushi sushi chef Kenichi Kawashima seems to be taking the space, and we’re still trying to figure out what it will be.

Jocelyn Bulow has not returned email inquiries, but it appears that he purchased the property, subdivided it, and resold the larger piece keeping only the smaller shoe store space. (Also sold was the full liquor license, as Papito will, at least for now, be margarita-less and serve only beer and wine.)

Blowfish management refused to could not be reached for comment, but the obvious guesses would either be that Blowfish is moving, or this is a new Blowfish location (which makes little sense as it’s only about ten blocks away in the same ‘hood), or it could be a new, but likely Japanese-inspired concept from Chef Kawashima.

Papito, as Eater tells us today, is hoping for a May 10th opening, with a menu from former La Mar chef, Rodolfo Castellanos, who is from Oaxaca.

Update: Blowfish Sushi reached Grub Street to clarify that it has no expansion plans at present, and that whatever plans Chef Kawashima has at Lingba have nothing to do with them — the two parties split on less than amicable terms back in January.

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Updated: Blowfish Sushi Expanding to Former Lingba Space?