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Bergamot Finds Its Legs Early; Beer Rules at Lord Hobo

Scallops at Bergamot
Scallops at Bergamot Photo: Tim Llewellyn

• The Dig gives Bergamot 3.5 stars (and misspells its name in the headline). Though it’s new, it’s finding its legs quickly and the promise is huge: “Spring is birthin’ season, and like any baby business, Bergamot is still learning to walk. But, at this rate, it’ll be galloping come the summer. ” [Dig]

• Devra First two-stars Lord Hobo. Though the name is dreadful and the food is just good, the beer is awesome: “Apparently the Cambridge bar and restaurant is named for a friend of owner Daniel Lanigan who goes by the handle. One of my best friends is nicknamed Nads, and I love her, but you won’t see me naming stuff after her. Also, “Lord Hobo’’ is inaccurate. If anything rules this kingdom, it is beer, in its limitless splendor.” [Globe]

• Robert Nadeau has three stars for the South End Buttery, where “the present kitchen god, Joe Brenner, is an Olives survivor who brings consistency and flare to a modest menu.” [Phoenix]

• Cheap Eats drops by Watertown’s The Talk. It’s “a likable place” but the food needs a seasoning boost. [Globe]

• MC Slim JB pays a visit to Southie pioneer Cafe Mamtaz, which “deserves credit for turning out a lovely variety of fresh-tasting dishes from a fairly tiny kitchen.” [Phoenix]

Bergamot Finds Its Legs Early; Beer Rules at Lord Hobo