Battle of the Collegiate-Approved Beer Specials

Please, make sure your chicken wings have bones.
Please, make sure your chicken wings have bones. Photo: spine/flickr

While just about every bar in the city will be featuring tonight’s NCAA Championship game, a few will actually be official viewing parties for Duke and Butler. While we can’t possibly imagine that we know the outcome (you’re a liar if say you expected Butler to make it this far), we can examine their specials to see which one will be drinking and eating better. Alas, we don’t have much of a stomach for mini burgers, flat bread pizzas, or “bone-in wings.” Is that a lesser form of those classic boneless wings? The drink specials, however, are varied and cheap.

No one is really giving Butler much of a shot, but the deals at the Brownstone Tavern are impressive. They’ll be offering $5 22-ounce Coors Light or Miller Light drafts.

Duke fans have two options. Sedgwick’s Bar & Grill will be serving $15 buckets (that’s 5 bottles for you civilized folk) of Coors Light. The other spot is Crew, which is Chicago’s self-proclaimed “premier gay sports bar + grill.” They’ll be offering $1 Miller Light or Bud Light drafts. Bring a $20 bill and you’ll have enough cash to drink until you have trouble telling the two teams in blue apart. Oh, and while there are no reservations, tables are first come, first serve at all three places, so get moving.

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Battle of the Collegiate-Approved Beer Specials